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Dear Participants, please, be sure that you have read and clearly understand Official Rules!

Any violations may lead to team disqualification!

(Шановні учасники, будь-ласка, переконайтесь, що ви прочитали та чітко розумієте Офіційні Правила конкурсу!)

Будь-які порушення можуть призвести до дискваліфікації команди!

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Team Registration

The link for registration will be sent to the faculty Adviser directly after University registration

Registration Process

STEP 1. Form the team of 3-5 business and finance students*.

STEP 2. Find the Faculty Adviser in your University. (The Faculty Adviser should be ap-proved by Coordinators of CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine).

STEP 3. Your university must be registered via the link above.

STEP 4. Register your team after confirmation of participation.

STEP 5. Visit the Kick-Off Meeting, which is planned for November 12, 2021 in Kyiv, Ukraine.