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The 3rd CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine has started!

posted 2 Oct 2012, 04:13 by CFAUkr aine   [ updated 13 Oct 2012, 13:11 ]

Ukrainian Society of Investment Professionals
CFA Ukraine organizes the 3rd CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine, which will take place through October to February 2012/2013.

CFA Institute Research Challenge is an educational initiative which was established to promote best practice in investment research among the next generation of financial analysts, and to provide students with an insight into the investment industry. Leading industry professionals mentor business and finance students for one year, guiding them on how to research and report on a publicly traded company and present research results and recommendations to a high- profile panel of experts.

This season of CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine consists of the following steps:
1. Registration of the Universities. More than 40 leading Ukrainian universities have been invited to participate in the Challenge this year.
2. Preparation of the “Industry analysis” case study by the teams from registered universities. Based on the results only the best teams will be chosen to participate in the 3rd CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine.
3. Preparation of the written reports. Participating team have only two (2) month to prepare sell-side report on the subject company mentored by Faculty Adviser and Research Analyst.
4. Written report grading. After written report due, all reports will be graded by highly experienced Ukrainian investment professionals.
5. Presentation. Due to grading results, only teams with the best written reports will make presentation to the panel of judges. 

According to the combined score received  for the written report and during their presentations at the Finals the Team will be defined as Winning. The winning team of the Local level of CFA Institute Research Challenge will have a chance to represent Ukraine at the Regional Finals in London (UK).

We are very pleased to announce that this year 
KERNEL has kindly undertaken the position of a Subject Company.

Kernel Holding S.A. is a leading diversified agri-business value chain management company operating in Ukraine. The company is a major supplier to the international market of grain, sunflower oil and meal produced in Ukraine and Russia and the largest supplier of bottled oil to the Ukrainian market. Kernel also is a key provider of grain silo services to the farmer and provider of services for the transshipment and export of grain, oil and meal from Black Sea ports.

Please, be kindly informed that Kick-Off Meeting of the 3rd CFA Institute Research Challenge in Ukraine will be held on the October 30th, 2012 in Kyiv (Ukraine).